Setting up Adobe DreamWeaver for ES2015

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How to setup Adobe DreamWeaver for ES2015/ES6

Adobe Dreamweaver is not set up to handle ES2015 as a standard which means that it will throw you an error when you use a keyword or syntax introduced by ES2015, e.g. when you use the keyword const or let.

This guide will help you "correct" that.

  • Open up Adobe DreamWeaver
  • Click on Site in the top panel and then click on Manage Sites...
  • If you don't see your site in the list, click on the New Site button. Type in a name for your site, and then browse the computer to find your site folder. Once you have filled in the two, click the Save button.
  • If you see your site in the list, select it by clicking on it, and then choose the edit icon (the pencil).
  • In the Site Setup panel, click on Advanced Settings and then choose JS Lint.
  • Click on the Edit configuration settings. This will open up the configuration file (.eslintrc.js)
  • Inside the curly brackets of "parserOptions", add a new line and type in "esversion": 6,
  • Save the file - and voilà! You're done!