Changing the font with CSS3

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In this lesson, we will look at how to change the font in different ways, e.g. the size, the type and the decoration.

The font-size property

The font-size property is used to specify the size of the font.


There are different ways of changing the size of the font - one way is to use a px value:

p {
font-size: 14px;
3.30 | Setting the font size of paragraphs to 14px


This text is 14px

Note, however, that a px value does not scale. It is an absolute unit.


Another way to change the font-size - one that actually does scale - is to use em or rem:

p {
font-size: 1.2em;
3.31 | Setting the font size of paragraphs to 1.2em


This text is 1.2em

The font-family property

To change the font, you use the font-family property:

h1 {
font-family: Georgia, serif;
3.32 | The font-family property



If the name of the font consist of multiple words, you need to put it in quotation marks, like this:

h1 {
font-family: "Comic Sans MS", sans-serif;
3.33 | The font-family property


Comic Sans MS

Web safe fonts

Every device has its own preinstalled fonts - but not every device have the same fonts as the others. The fonts that are known as Web Safe Fonts are the ones that are preinstalled on all operating systems - from Windows to Mac to Linux, and so on.

Web Safe Fonts are often used as "fall back" fonts - meaning fonts that will be used, if the originally wanted font can't display. Here is a list of some web safe fonts:

  • Arial, sans-serif
  • Helvetica, sans-serif
  • "Times New Roman", serif
  • Times, serif
  • "Courier New", sans-serif
  • Courier, sans-serif
  • Verdana, sans-serif
  • Georgia, serif
  • Palatino, serif
  • "Trebuchet MS", sans-serif
  • "Arial Black", sans-serif
  • Impact, sans-serif

Serif vs sans serif

Serifs have feet while sans-serifs don't:

3.34 | Serifs and sans-serifs

You can read more about fonts here: w3schools

Assignment: Using fonts from external ressources

It is possible to use fonts from external ressource like Adobe fonts or Google fonts - but how?

We will now do an exploratory exercise where you - in small groups - will 1) find the information on how to include fonts from either Adobe or Google, 2) create a "How to" guide that you upload to Canvas and 3) next time, give a presentation of what you found out.